Factory and Society in the third millennium 

Retrieved from text published in 1954 by Adriano Olivetti 


Why not unified ? Because you could not create a new unit that would include organically and assume the powers of a prefect , the influence of a deputy , the prestige of a Senator, the strength and the address of the parties , the Democratic figure of the Mayor and of the Executive, the will of Trade Union defense, economic and financial power of the factories ? 



nel terzo millenio


Economically, the proposal that follows comes from the experience lived in the last century by the men engaged in the world of industrial production , handicraft , agricultural and commercial and low on two factors the first finding that the industrial era in manufacturing output factory is passing across a production system based on robotic automation and the arrival of the first humanoid in rich countries at the expense of manual entrusted to the poor countries and the second that in rich countries will have to adopt a new welfare system that rewards the quality and respect for the work and the people around him , creating a new form of economy based on responsibility of the individual towards his business and his family . 

  • iTALY , country of high cultural level , present in Europe as a macro - region must provide a social - economic order based on a renewal that sees a central capital , municipalities and private companies that support the economy and life of community around them by writing new business and new rules of state administrative rules , a new constitution with safeguard rules of the macro - region - called European ITALY , transforming the existing regions in just 5 lands , with a small parliamentary representative of the territories , 5 Presidents and a maximum of 50 councilors , for the preservation of our historical and cultural values ​​of more than 2000 years.

  • he proposal to establish the production of world known companies SIA ( Italian company self-financed ) and 12 state enterprises for strategic sectors ( TOURISM , AGRICULTURE , ENVIRONMENT , RESEARCH , UNIVERSITY ' , CULTURE , etc. ) with the sole purpose of promoting made in Italy in the world and to be the representation of a network of medium-sized Italian companies , to give guarantees and to sign international agreements . State enterprises should coincide with the future ministries

So while on the one hand , the Movement postulates for men and women effective control of their factories and farms , is concerned about the other side to ground as possible factories and companies in the life of Commons calling to participate in political activities and administrative of the same. 

An extremely efficient model of industry and modern enterprise , which combines the continuous training of people with individual success in a company that sees the triumph of the personal respect of shared interests with the group of shareholders that make up that enterprise. 

As recommended Europe , big is beautiful , with it's perfect .